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Financial Support

Where learners aged 16-18 are experiencing financial difficulty meeting the costs associated with learning they may apply for financial support from the college. There are two College funds available.

1. 16 - 19 Guaranteed Bursary

This is a Guaranteed Bursary of at least £1,200 per year to assist vulnerable learners. Young learners, aged 16-18 on 31st August 2012, in the following groups may apply for a bursary:

• living independently and claiming Income Support
• in care
• care leavers
• receive Income Support for any reason
• with a disability and in receipt of both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance

2. 16 - 19 Enhanced Learner Support Fund (16 to 19 ELSF)

This is discretionary support available to young learners facing genuine financial barriers to staying on in education or training. Help is available with the costs of travel, food and essential course costs. Young learners in one of the following categories may apply for help from this fund

Young learners who are

• Aged 16 to 18 years at the start of the course (a separate fund is available for adult learners aged 19+)
• Enrolled on a course funded by the Young People’s Learning agency (YPLA)
• Living in a household where the joint income is below £20,818.

Payment in kind

The college reserves the right to make payment in the form of equipment and vouchers where appropriate.

There are other national government schemes that provide financial support for young people.

Care to Learn

Young learners aged 16 to 19 wishing to apply for help with the costs of childcare may apply direct to Care to Learn, contact Advice and Guidance for details.

Completing your application form

If you wish to apply for financial support you should:

• Check you meet the eligibility criteria listed above or contact the Advice and Guidance team for further support
• Complete the 16 to 19 Enhanced Learner Support Fund form, please complete all sections as indicated to avoid any delay in processing this form
• Provide all the appropriate evidence as requested, stapled to the form. You may send photo copies.

Whilst all applications will be considered individually, support is not guaranteed. Any award of funding is for 1st August 2012 to 31st July 2013 only. If your course continues beyond this date, you will need to submit a new application for the following academic year, if you are still eligible to apply.

Application forms fully completed with all evidence should be submitted to Advice and Guidance. Your application will normally be processed within 28 days but this may be longer in busy periods. Once your application is assessed you will receive an award notice detailing the amount you will receive, when and how it will be paid. If you are unsuccessful you will be notified by letter. Payments will be made by BACS directly into your bank account, all payments will be subject to regular attendance and acceptable standards of behaviour.

Appeals procedure

All applicants have the right of appeal.

Informal stage.

In the first instance, queries / complaints about the outcome of applications will be passed to the Student Services Manager for review and response.

Formal stage

In the event that the student or their parent / carer is still not satisfied with the outcome of the internal review, the appeal will become formal and will be referred to the College Learner Support Fund Panel.

The Panel will consist of:
• Assistant Principal Learner Services & Quality
• Student Services
• A representative from the finance team

All members of the panel will normally be required for a decision to be made. The Chair may co-opt a suitable college manager to the panel as required.

Students who wish to make a formal appeal will need to write to the Assistant Principal, Learner Services & Quality within 10 working days of being notified of the decision, stating clearly the reasons for appeal and giving any additional details they think should be taken into consideration.

Appeals will be considered by members of the College Learner Support Fund Panel. Notification of the outcome of the appeal will be within 10 working days of the panel meeting taking place.

Guidelines for completing the 16-19 Financial Support Guidance form

Please take care with the completion of the form as incomplete forms or a lack of evidence will delay your application.

Who are you?

This is about you and your personal circumstances please complete page 1 and 2 as appropriate. This information is needed to ensure you are given the right support to meet your need. If you indicate you are within the groups listed as vulnerable on page 2, please provide the evidence, sign and date the declaration on page 4 and indicate your ethnicity on page 5. Please do not complete the rest of the form, as you may be eligible for the guaranteed bursary. Other applicants should continue to complete the whole form.

Why do you need assistance?

In the box provided on page 2 please tell us why you need to apply to the ELSF for help with the costs of study. It is a requirement of the fund that applications are made on a learner’s individual circumstances.

What are you applying for?

Please complete this section on page 3 giving details of the support you need. Fill in the boxes provided with as much information as possible; in the case of travel please provide one weeks bus tickets as evidence of cost. In cases of equipment provide a tutor signature confirming the need and cost of essential equipment. Please indicate in the box if you require support with the cost of food on the days you study at College.

What is the income to you or your family (if you are a dependant)?

Please complete this section with accuracy and it is essential you provide the evidence as listed. If you have any problems with this please talk to a member of the Advice and Guidance Team who will help you with any issues you may have.
Please sign and date the declaration complete the section regarding priority groups on page 4 and indicate your ethnicity on page 5.

Don’t forget

Ensure you have completed the form so we are able to read it, and make sure you have provided all the required evidence. Whilst a bursary is guaranteed the ELSF is limited to a set amount and may only be allocated whilst funding lasts, so don’t delay with your application submit it in person or by post to the Support Fund Administrator, Advice and Guidance centre, Calderdale College, Francis Street, Halifax, HX1 3UZ.

What happens next?

You will be contacted by letter explaining what support you will be given, when and how it will be paid. No applications will be assessed until the first week of September 2012. After your application is processed, you will receive a letter confirming your provisional award, along with a Confirmation of Attendance slip, (CoA). This CoA must be signed by your tutor to confirm you have commenced your course and have attended for at least 4 weeks. Please return this slip to Advice & Guidance no later than the date on the slip. Please note that no payments will be made until the CA slip is returned to Advice & Guidance.

Any award of funding applies for the academic year 2012-2013 and in no way implies either a successful application or a continuation of funding for any subsequent year. If your course continues from 1st August 2012, you will need to re-apply for any financial assistance, if you meet the eligibility criteria.

If your application is unsuccessful, you will be notified in writing and you may appeal using the procedure highlighted above.

If your financial circumstances alter during the period of your study, please contact Advice & Guidance.

To apply for a bursary

To apply for a bursary please download and complete the form at  and submit it in person or by post to the Support Fund Administrator, Advice and Guidance centre, Calderdale College, Francis Street, Halifax, HX1 3UZ.

Do you require more information?

Should you need any further information or help completing your form please contact a member of the Advice and Guidance team, at the Advice and Guidance centre, Calderdale College, Francis Street, Halifax, HX1 3UZ.or telephone 01422 399367, or email

Further information is available at

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