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Stephen Baitscheff

Locally trained apprentice plumber with 39 years in the plumbing and heating trade. I started my plumbing career as an apprentice working for a company within the Calder Valley Halifax. After qualifying I worked for another local company obtaining contacts all over the country. I have been self-employed for a number of years having my own business and employing plumbers and apprentices. We have worked on installation, repair and servicing of plumbing, heating and gas systems in domestic, commercial and industrial premises. Having worked for over 30 years in the trade and on the tools I had the opportunity to become a qualified teacher to pass on my knowledge and experience onto prospective students wishing to join the plumbing and heating trade. It is good practice to invest in people coming into the plumbing industry after all it is our future to train qualified and competent tradesman.

Greg O'Shea

I’ve spent 13 years in the electro-technical industry with broad and varied experiences from commercial to heavy industrial works. They joy of our profession is how every site is different. Installing lighting, general and dedicated power, communication systems, personal enabling equipment and asset protection systems all around the country and abroad in anything from bank vaults to operating theatres kept things interesting. Working for several companies (including my own) installing specialist systems such as halon fire suppression systems and power and control systems for complex manufacturing and production systems gave me an authoritative perspective into how far reaching the profession could be and that the rewards for competence, diligence and speed were great. I enjoyed the variety that a career in electrical installation provided, though began to realise that the most rewarding aspect of my working life was when I had time on-site to show apprentice electricians how or why we did a task in a certain way, explain how something worked or help make ‘real-life’ sense of the science and maths they were learning at college. I began teaching part time in the evenings in 2006 and after just a few weeks decided this is what I wanted to do all day and began my teacher training. I found the psychology and methodologies for helping others to learn was as fascinating as the subject I was teaching and continue to study towards becoming a better teacher. The job satisfaction from seeing trainee electricians develop their practical skills, gain confidence in their technical abilities and progress their career was overwhelming and that feeling of pride in my students is still with me at the end of every class and at the achievement of each exam. To be able to share their successes and to have contributed to it as part of a strong, dedicated electrical team is what makes Calderdale College a vibrant, energetic and inspiring place to work and a exciting place to learn Electrical Installation Engineering.

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