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30 Vacancies for Apprentices

28th June 2012

There are currently 30 vacancies with local companies for apprentices in a range of sectors ranging from joinery to hospitality.

The full list of vacancies can be viewed at

There are lots of benefits to doing an Apprenticeship. You can earn while you learn, and learn in a way that is best suited to you – through hands-on experience on the job. Key benefits of being an apprentice include; earning a salary getting paid holidays receiving training gaining qualifications learning job-specific skills Earning while you learning Apprentices do real jobs for real employers. So you’re paid while you learn. If you are entering work for the ?rst time, you will start earning from day one of your Apprenticeship. There is no set rate of pay for apprentices, however all employed apprentices must receive a wage of no less than £2.60 per hour (from 1st October 2012 will change to £2.65 per hour). However the average wage per week for an apprentice is now around £170 and in some job roles around £210 per week.

As your skills develop, your pay will increase accordingly. You may also get additional money for essential books, clothing or equipment, or to help you with a disability. As an apprentice, you will also receive the same bene?ts as other employees such as pension contributions, subsidised canteen and leisure facilities. Finally, research shows that apprentices earn, on average, over £100,000 more throughout their lifetime than other employees. Learn on the job Apprentices learn on the job, building up knowledge and skills, gaining quali?cations and earning money all at the same time. You work towards a work-based quali?cation such as a National Vocational Quali?cation (NVQ) and other nationally recognised quali?cations.

Employers all over the country recognise and value Apprenticeships as they show that you’ve been trained in the skills they need. Apprenticeships typically take between one and four years to complete, depending on the type of Apprenticeship and the level. There is no set time to complete an Apprenticeship as they vary widely in content and size. The length of time taken will depend on the ability of the individual apprentice and the employer's requirements.

Support during training Your employer or training provider will make sure you have support. Their job is to ensure that your training fits your personal requirements, offers the skills needed for the job and satisfies national standards. They will also be there to help you through any difficult times. Prospects Apprenticeships can be demanding but they are very rewarding. Because Apprenticeships train you in the skills employers want, they give you choices in your career. Your career doesn’t have to stop at the Intermediate, Advanced or Higher Level Apprenticeship, if you want to go on to University you will find that many institutes of Higher Education value your skills and knowledge and will happily offer you a place on a Foundation Degree or other higher level qualifications.

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