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An Interview With Rob Wilmot

27th March 2013 <b>An</b> Interview With Rob Wilmot

Earlier this month Rob Wilmot gave a talk on the use of Social Media in a business environment to local employers across Calderdale, College staff and learners.

Rob was one of the three founding executives of Freeserve which was the UK’s largest internet company, now part of Orange. He is now a non-executive director of the Government Procurement Service, a visiting Fellow and honorary Doctor at the University of Bradford and the director of BCS digital agency.

Rob gives talks and seminars about social media and helps clients explore the opportunities and potential threats of the social world. The Breakfast Briefing was the first of three due to take place this year. The next Briefing will take place during the first week of June in conjunction with Vocational Qualifications (VQ) Week.

Rob kindly took some time out from his busy schedule and agreed to an interview. In the interview he provides an insight into how he got to where he is today and offers a few words of social media wisdom.

  1. First job:
    Killing bay of a chicken processing factory
  2. Dream Job:
    I’m privileged to be doing a few of them :)
  3. Favourite subjects at school:
    Art and History
  4. Who was/is your business mentor/Inspiration?
    Warren Buffett
  5. Did your qualifications help you get to where you are today?
    Sort of, they allowed me to go to University, but it was the processes of learning, rather than the learning I did which has helped me. Regardless, education - whether academic or vocational - improves lives.
  6. What are your secrets to your success? Hard work and taking advantage of the luck I am presented with. Plus surrounding myself with smarter people than me!
  7. What are your top 3 social media measurement tips?
    Use a social media management dashboard to run your social media presences. I use HootSuite.

    Use a tagging tool to track your social media activity. Search “Google URL builder” it’s a really simple tool which allows you to track yours social media traffic in Google Analytics.
  8. What words of wisdom would you give to businesses in Calderdale?
    Keep on doing the great work that you’re doing and ensure you adopt digital marketing to keep up with evolving ways that people learn about and buy products and services.
  9. What key hashtags should people follow and use?
    I wouldn’t know where to start with this one. Suffice to say, whatever you’re interested in, wherever you are, or whatever you’re doing there will be a hashtag you can tap into.
  10. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items could you not live without?
    Assuming I can take my partner Debra, my daughter Grace then my 3 items would be: My iPad, a solar charger, and a perpetual superfast broadband connection via satellite.
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