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Calderdale College prepare learners for the modern day interview process

13th December 2012 <b>Calderdale</b> College prepare learners for the modern day interview process

Calderdale College has partnered with three local employers to provide a group of students with the opportunity to experience a real life interview process so they can gain first-hand knowledge of what to expect, how to prepare and how to improve their job prospects.

The Assessment Centre Interview process which is the first of three, took place last week (Thursday 6th December) at The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre in Halifax. Approximately 50 learners who applied for a fictitious job and were successful have been invited to the Assessment Centre for an interview.

The Assessment Centre is a chance for 3 groups of 16 learners to go through a simulated, intensive interview process designed to give them the experience of a common interview process in commerce and industry. The Assessment Model has been devised by the College and representatives from Industry which include; Javed Khaliq from Lloyds Banking Group, Pat Walker from McVities and Mark Lloyd from The Digital Consortium.

The small group of students who were lucky enough to earn a place on the assessment programme were recommended by their tutors for showing key qualities such as enthusiasm, initiative, high quality of work and attention to detail. The first group of learners were given detailed constructive feedback this week enabling them to feel confident in the areas they excelled in and develop the areas which need more improvement.

The real life simulated interview is modelled on current business practice and consisted of:

  • An interview
  • A role play exercise
  • A short presentation
  • A teamwork exercise  

Peter Nangle, Vice Principal of Learning and Achievement said: “We are constantly looking at ways in which we can prepare our learners for the world of work. We believe that by addressing barriers which many of our learners will face such as the interview process, we are helping students prepare for the tough economic climate ahead.

“With Assessment Days being part of current business practice, we feel it is vital for educational institutions to ensure learners are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to stand them in good stead at interview. We have collaborated with industry professionals to prepare our learners for the world of work and believe that Assessment Days provide an opportunity which not only stands to benefit the student, but also local employers and the College.

Javed khaliq, IT Service Specialist at Lloyds Banking Group said: “With employment opportunities being quite competitive and tough at the moment, this is a great opportunity for learners at the College to be exposed to the Assessment Centre process. Many organisations run Assessment Centres to get a feel for the candidates and to decide if they are right for the job.  There isn’t any training out there like this for Assessment Centres; the College assessment model gives their students a real understanding of the key assessment disciplines and an edge for when they attend the real assessment process."

Mohammed Husnain, Level 3 Business student from Halifax said: “I have learnt new skills and gained more experience, it has given me more confidence to apply for jobs and helped me realise what I would like to do in the future. Other students should take part in the next Assessment Centre in March - If you keep doing these assessment days and interviews it will take you out of your comfort zone and it will then come to you naturally and you will no longer get nervous.”

James Hanson, Level 3 Public Services student from Halifax said: “The briefing process really helped me prepare for the Assessment Day, as I have never been for an interview. My course also involves giving presentations and team building, enabling me to transfer the skills and use them both in the interview and in my future role.

Emily Mallinson, Level 3 Hairdressing student from Elland said: “I have never experienced an interview quite like this before. The Assessment Day has given me a taster of what the interview process is like. It was a little daunting as it was the first time I had given a presentation, but I found it really useful.”

Sam Wood, Access to Higher Education and Combined Health Studies from Elland said: “I have really enjoyed it. It is good to know where we are going right and wrong. In interviews they don’t give feedback if you have been unsuccessful. From hearing what they had to say, despite the nerves I have nothing but confidence now. It has given me an idea of how to answer questions at my University interviews."

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