Level 6 British Sign Language – Part 2 Evidence Collection

This course is designed to teach the practical, ethical, and analytical skills required to achieve the qualification.

Total of 7 days
Theory & Practical

Entry Requirements: Level 6 Part 1 Interpreting Theory BSL

Course Info

Candidates must have completed the Part 1 Interpreting Theory training before undertaking this course.

Our candidates are supported through the qualification by the course tutor and their assessor to enable them to complete the course and become a fully qualified BSL English Interpreter.

The course includes:

  • Clear explanations of the NVQ process and what is required to complete the qualification.
  • Guidance and support on building your evidence portfolio.
  • Substantial amount of assessment time to meet with your assessor throughout the course.
  • Feedback on your performance to help you improve and continuously progress.
  • Live observations.
  • Theoretical and Practical skills to refine your interpreting knowledge and skills.
  • E-Portfolio meaning no more paper and cross referencing plus student forums for extra support.



Entry Requirements & Interview Process

Admittance on to the course is by means of an interview, during which time candidates will have a BSL skills assessment.