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£5 million funding to support skills development in South Yorkshire until 2025

Over £5 million funding has been secured to provide skills training in South Yorkshire until 2025 through a skills development programme that aims to transform the region and grow the economy.

Since it first launched four years ago, Skills Bank has supported 720 businesses to grow and invest in upskilling their current workforces. It has generated over £2.4 million of private investment in skills across South Yorkshire and every £100 of Skills Bank funding generates on average £80 of employer investment in skills.

Calderdale College has been the Managing Agent of Skills Bank, funded by the South Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, since 2018 and has now been successful in securing an additional three-year contract.

Skills Bank provides South Yorkshire employers with access to high-quality training and financial support to aid business growth. This positive outcome is further accolade to the College’s reputation of successfully managing large multi-regional funded programmes in collaboration with strategic partners and referral agencies to improve skills, support business resilience and contribute to local economic growth.

During the next phase of the contract, the College and South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA) are pledging to work with a further 360 businesses and over 4,000 individuals.

Ebrahim Dockrat, Director of Commercial Services and Partnerships at Calderdale College, said:

“We are delighted to be continuing our relationship with the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority at this crucial time of economic challenge.

“Since 2018 the College has been instrumental in the development of Skills Bank, working in collaboration with SYMCA, regional stakeholders, skills providers and employers to ensure the programme is accessible to all types of business and provide high quality skills solutions.

“Skills Bank has demonstrated its valuable position in supporting rapid and urgent skills demands throughout the pandemic and will continue to provide support at the core of business development and growth. Our success in securing this contract for a further three years ensures consistency for employers and supports SYMCA in its vision to grow an economy that works for everyone. The programme helps to develop inclusive and sustainable approaches that build on South Yorkshire’s strengths in innovation and embrace the UK’s 4th Industrial Revolution, to contribute more to the country’s prosperity and enhance quality of life for all.”

Muz Mumtaz, Assistant Director for Business Support at the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, added: “We are really excited to continue working with Calderdale College as the Managing Agent for Skills Bank 3. Skills Bank is unique, it provides businesses with direct access to the support and funding they need and the scheme has been hugely successful.

“We look forward to working collaboratively with the College to deliver Skills Bank 3 helping South Yorkshire businesses and their workforce to access training and skills development to drive their business growth.”

Do you work for or own a business in South Yorkshire? Find out how Skills Bank can help your business grow by visiting

Skills Bank 3 is being supported and funded by the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.