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Through our content, we aim to help you identify the specific needs within your business, and help improve access to skills, training advice and funding.

The Calderdale Confidence Index

In this benchmarking study, we explore business resilience and the wider hurdles impacting employers and sole traders across our region. Within this report employers can access opportunities for change, discover how to become more resilient and access practical advice on skills.

The Calderdale Confidence Index surveyed over 100 businesses locally, and references the experiences and expertise of key regional stakeholder, Calderdale College representatives, and local businesses.

Report findings at a glance:

How to make your business more resilient:

Businesses are cautious about economic growth in the region, but there is an appetite for growth. In this section we use research and expert insight to explore the importance of confidence and how businesses can build resilience.

Should I wait to invest in my business?

There is a clear correlation between those companies that invest in skills and business confidence. In this section we discuss how capitalising on training and skills opportunities can help support business growth.

How to overcome a reduction in growth:

The most common business challenges are reduced sales, a slowdown in new business leads and expansion/growth plans being put on hold. In this section we identify the key hurdles facing businesses, and how they can overcome them.

How to upskill your workforce to drive growth:

A quarter of businesses need new skills to enhance their team in order to navigate the new economic climate. Here we demonstrate the important links between upskilling and business growth.

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The Collaborative Apprenticeships project is a host of apprenticeships resources, including free training courses, services and support for employers, fully funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). For more information and to enquire about Collaborative Apprenticeships, please email: [email protected]


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We’ve worked with experts from across the region to compile the latest business advice to help you make your business thrive.

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How to access skills funding to grow your business

Investing time and finance into staff training and development is absolutely key to ensuring your business has a strong and resilient future ahead.

However, in our research, we discovered that one of the biggest barriers to businesses was finding the funds to invest in skills.

Follow our step by step guide on accessing skills funding, and find out the many ways training  can help your business grow…


for growing your business in 2021


ways to grow your business by developing your team

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Mezzo Studios:

ILM level 4 and Motivational Skills training

AW Hainsworth:

Bespoke in house management development programme

Watershed Roofing Ltd

Level 3 Management Training for workforce

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Discover our Motor Vehicle courses at our NEW bespoke Automotive Centre.

Discover our Motor Vehicle courses at our NEW bespoke Automotive Centre.