Industry Placements

Industry placements provide work based learning opportunities for both the student and employer.

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Industry Placements require the employer to provide 45-60 day placement (equivalent to a minimum of 315 hours) as part of the student’s college course; in preparation for the introduction of Technical Levels in 2020. Our Industry Placements team are working with local employers and organisations from all sectors to develop students technical and employability skills - getting them ready for the world of work.

There are a number of associated benefits for employers who are integrating industry placements into their corporate strategy which include:

Why should my business get involved?

Immediate benefits

  • Extra resources for your projects and day-to-day operations from students developing skills in a course relevant to your business and industry
  • Opportunity for your employees to develop management and mentoring skills
  • Fresh perspective for your business
  • CSR impact: share with stakeholders how your business has supported local young people into industry placements, improving their employability and progression opportunities

Long-term benefits

  • Inspire the next generation to work in your industry
  • Address current and future skills shortages in your industry
  • Strengthen your recruiting pipeline and increase diversity
  • Shared value: benefits for business and society are correlated – increased social inclusion leads to new business opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay the student?

Industry placements are about providing students with high-quality, meaningful training, not work. Therefore, students are not entitled to a salary as the placement is forming part of a course of further education. There is no legal requirement or expectation that students will be paid. However, you can pay the student should you wish to, or support the student with their travel and subsistence costs. In the pilot, some employers offered a free meal to placement student and some employers picked up and dropped off the student where public transport was not available.

How are industry placements different to work experience?

Work experience typically involves a student shadowing you for 1 or 2 weeks, having not necessarily studied a course relevant to your industry. They are mostly there to observe and experience a first taster for the world of work. However, industry placements will be for a minimum of 315 hours, with students studying a related course meaning they will have relevant skills and knowledge that enable them, after a period of induction, to add value to your business.

Will there be lots of paperwork?

No. All legal, health & safety, insurance and other documents will be given as templates, pre-filled where possible, to minimise your workload and the amount of paperwork required, in addition to any internal processes you will need to complete as a business.

How can I balance this with core business activities?

Students will undergo preparation by their tutors before coming to you, and clear responsibilities, working hours and other workplace expectations should be set out in the industry placement agreement which is signed by you, the student and the college prior to the placement. You should agree with your student what their goals and responsibilities are foe the placement at the start and monitor their progress towards these. Given the opportunity and some initial support, they should be able to add value! The college will also be on hand to support if challenges arise, to ensure both parties get the most from the placement.

What support will I receive?

The college will support you to set up the placements, from dealing with administration to helping you find the right student. Once a placement begins, our industry placement officers will continue to provide support to both the student and line manager, where necessary, and will seek to learn and improve the process over the course of the placement.

How can I make sure I get suitable students?

You can work with the college to find the best student for your organisation. Be transparent about your requirements. If you would like, this can involve holding a CV screening and/or interview process. Note that all students will be studying a technical course that will be relevant to the industry placement being offered.

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