A New Era at
Calderdale College

Calderdale College is proud to announce a new era with a brand new logo, mission and values.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is an important part of what we stand for as a college, it represents where the college is now and the direction it is heading.

Before deciding on our new mission, we consulted with internal stakeholders, including students, staff at all levels, and across all functions and governors.

Our mission is that we will strive for:

Excellence in skills training
for students and employers

Our Vision

As part of our journey towards becoming the best, we have created a new vision.

Our vision is to be:

The best vocational
college in the country

Our Values

We put customers first

We strive for excellence

We are innovative in our thinking and our actions

We enjoy and celebrate our success

We are fair, open and respectful

We excel in partnerships and team working

We are inclusive, diverse and welcoming

The New Era

We’re very excited to begin the new era of Calderdale College.

Want to be involved? Join the new era:

We may look a little different!

You might have noticed we recently made some changes to the look of our website but don’t worry you can still find all the courses and information you need!

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