OFSTED Report 2023

Outstanding in Adult Education and Education for Young People

Read below for the overview of our OFSTED review 2023 or download the full report here.


Our Leadership and Management has been graded OUTSTANDING by Ofsted.

“Leaders and managers have a very clear and well-articulated purpose for the college, which demonstrates their deep understanding of the community they serve.

“They rightly recognise that the college is a community asset, and aim to deliver high-quality education which meets the needs of the people of Calderdale and the neighbouring boroughs. They have high expectations of all students and apprentices and are passionate about and highly committed to changing lives through education.”


“The college makes a strong contribution to meeting skills needs. Leaders have created a culture of continuous engagement with industry experts and community organisations.

“Key stakeholders have high levels of confidence in leaders’ ability to provide appropriate training that contributes very positively to meeting skills needs. They recognise that this contribution will help to futureproof the economy of the region and increase the employment and educational opportunities for Calderdale’s residents and employers.”


“Staff throughout the college model and positively reinforce the behaviours and attitudes that they expect. Staff in the college work effectively as a team and understand clearly how each individual role contributes to the success of the college.”


“Students and apprentices feel welcome at Calderdale College and fully part of the college community. They respond positively to the high expectations which are embedded into the culture of the college and develop valuable behaviours including motivation and independence.

“Students and apprentices listen respectfully to each other and are interested in what others have to say.

“This is particularly evident for students on education programmes for young people who take part in open and frank discussions in their citizenship tutorials.

“Students attend their sessions well, arriving on time and ready to learn. Students and apprentices improve and maintain their attendance and punctuality, developing behaviours that they need for future employment.”

Results Including Destination & Progression

A high proportion of learners and apprentices progress to further studies, apprenticeships or employment related to their programme.

“Achievement rates for learners on 16 to 19 study programmes have risen over the last three years, and the very large proportion of learners now achieve their qualifications.”

“The large majority of current learners on 16 to 19 study programme and adult learning programmes are making good progress on their courses.”

“Learners for whom the college receives high-needs funding make good progress in achieving their qualifications and developing their independence, confidence and employment skills. As a result, the very large majority of learners progress onto positive destinations, with most moving on the next level of their programme and the rest to supported internships.”


“Coaches and training officers prepare students and apprentices effectively to understand the educational and career options which are open to them on completion of their current studies. Apprentices understand what they need to do and how to achieve their aspirations.”

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