Motor Vehicle & Engineering

Fascinated by cars and how things work? Want a practical, hands-on career? Train at our specialist Motivate Centre and master key specialisms such as vehicle maintenance, tyre fitting and welding.

Reasons to study Motor Vehicle & Engineering at Calderdale College

  • As well as the technical facilities you need for getting practical skills, we’ve got enthusiastic tutors with real-world industry experience: perfect for preparing you for the world of work.
  • You’ll get the chance to learn how to identify and fix problems by working on real cars, and you can choose from different specialisms like bodywork and paintwork, engine mechanics, panels and fabrication or welding.
  • Welders cut, shape and join metal sheet, plates and pipes together in a whole range of vital industries worldwide.
  • You could be working in construction and engineering, transport, on an oil rig or in the aerospace industry.