Parents & Guardians

As a parent you know that this is an important time for your son or daughter when making decisions for their future career paths and deciding where and what to study. At Calderdale College we want to help support you in what can seem like a difficult decision making process.

Calderdale College offers a wide choice and extensive range of vocational courses that school sixth forms are not able to offer, plus our extensive links with employers ensures that students are offered relevant work experience to prepare them for the world of work.

College offers a different environment to a school sixth form. Students learn in a less formal, more adult environment, and our aim is to equip students with research and study skills, as well as the confidence and self-discipline. This will help them stand on their own two feet as independent students whether they progress on to the next level of the course or into Higher Education, an apprenticeship or employment.

This is supported by our Step up to Success process where we offer the option of Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) from fully accredited impartial advisers as set out in the Calderdale College CEIAG policy.
You can support your family member by assisting them to access Labour Market Information (LMI) on our Careers Explorer section, the C&K Careers website or through the National Careers Service.


A Parent’s View

Anne Chambers, mother of former Level 3 Public Services student Mark Chambers from Mirfield, who also studied a Foundation degree in Health and Social Care at the College said:

“The College has been very good because he [Mark] hated doing A-Levels at school and he’s now at university –he really has just come on leaps and bounds. I think its great from his point of view; hes very sociable and the enrichment was really good as he also took part in other activities such as American Football. I would definitely recommend the College for someone struggling with their A-Levels because I think you get more of a focused subject and its still a Level 3 qualification.

As for myself, I would recommend it as I do not think I would have completed my degree if I hadnt done it at Calderdale College. The College was fantastic; I wouldnt have wanted to do it anywhere else being a mature student. It just gives you that comfort and cushion and the whole placement of the College is great – its easy to park, easy to get to and I cannot praise the College enough.

Pastoral Care

Calderdale College welcomes parents, carers and guardians to become involved with the College and the young person’s learning to maximise the success of the learning experience. We fully recognise the value and necessity of working together where the student is still dependent on family support, and encourage you to make contact if any issues arise. Parents, carers and guardians will receive a written progress review twice a year, and will be invited to attend parent/carer events during the first and second term. Learner Services run a parent/carer drop in every Thursday during term-time from 4.30-6.30 pm. If you want to speak to a Student Adviser about Careers Advice, support or course related advice for either existing or prospective students call in to see us.