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8 ways to grow your business by developing your team

When it comes to growing your business, ensuring your team is fully on board, trained and skilled is essential. We share our top tips on how to maximise business growth by investing in team development:

1. Mind the skills gap

First and foremost, identifying skills gaps within your company is an absolute priority. Whilst many business owners may feel that their team is up to speed, every company, no matter how large or small suffers from skills gaps.

By identifying the real needs of your organisation, you can quickly ascertain what training and skills development is required to help your business grow.

2. Be bespoke

There’s no such things as one size fits all when it comes to meeting the skills and training needs of your workforce. Always access advice on how you can better enhance skills development across your organisation using experts who have experience in meeting the bespoke needs of companies.

3. Lead by example

When it comes to leadership, quality management skills are essential. We’d recommend investing in leadership training to ensure you are ticking the boxes when it comes to inspiring your team and managing your business outputs.

By upskilling your company from the top down, positive change will trickle throughout the company, helping to build staff and customer trust.

4. Avoid the bottle neck

When busy, it’s all too easy to become a bottle neck. And if you aren’t causing delays due to time constraints, perhaps your managers are. By investing in delegation training you can ensure that your managers are focusing on the big ticket items, whilst delegating well to keep your full team motivated.

Your management team can make or break your company, so accessing quality delegation and management training is vitally important.

5. Be more social

Often the job that drops to the bottom of the list is marketing. We all know it’s important, and we all know it’s effective, however finding the time to invest in making your social media channels squeaky clean and effective can be a real hurdle.

Despite this, it’s a job that must be done. By undertaking social media training and learning how to spend time wisely online, you can boost leads, outshine the competition and drive real change across your business.

6. Smile like you mean it

Whether you’re a B2B company or a consumer outfit, client satisfaction is key. The only way to guarantee an increase in happy customers is to ensure you have a uniform approach to making your customers satisfaction a real priority.

By accessing customer service training companies can increase sales, boost repeat trade, grow referrals and secure that all important quality reputation.

7. Embrace the change

Company change can often be met with real resilient. It’s common knowledge that many adults struggle with change, and it’s no different in the workplace. The key to implement improvements across your business successfully is to ensure everyone feels involved and is inspired by the benefits of change.

Businesses that access training on how to implement an effective change culture within their organisations are more likely to succeed when it comes to introducing new processes, policies and even management structures.

8. Nurture relationships

The saying ‘you’re only as good as your last sale’ is often shared in jest, but there is some truth behind the wit. In business, you can be a client’s hero one day, and a casualty the next, so it’s absolutely vital that relationships are nurtured and not taken for granted.

Whether you own a building firm, and you are contracted to deliver work across a portfolio of new homes, or you’re a hairdresser with appointments book full of regulars, by nurturing the relationships you already have, you can help secure a pipeline of repeat business for your customers. After all, it is much easier to sell to a repeat customer than it is to source a new one completely.

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