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Apprenticeship Sector of the Month - Construction

Rated ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED we deliver Construction apprenticeship qualifications ranging from Property Maintenance to Brickwork, Electrical Installation to Joinery and everything in between.

Construction is a multi-billion pound industry that deals with developing the underlying structure of anything from a new build house, to the HS2 rail project.

We spoke to two of our apprentices to see why they chose a Construction apprenticeship with Calderdale College. Read on for more.

Jack Sutcliffe and Sam Robinson, level 2 Brickwork

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

Jack: I chose to do an apprenticeship because I wanted a qualification in a skilled profession so I can have a long career.

Sam: I wanted to learn a trade and an apprenticeship allowed me to do so whilst earning a wage and getting on the job experience.

What has been the best bit of your apprenticeship so far?

Jack: The best bits of my apprenticeship have been learning the basics of bricklaying and seeing myself improve. I’d also say that having nice tutors and having good friends at college is good as it has helped me become a better builder.

Sam: Being able to see my skills and abilities improve each week.

What challenges have you faced, and how have you overcome them?

Jack: I’ve had some big challenges on my apprenticeship so far, one was the first time I set up a stone corner on the gable of a house without any help. I persevered and completed it, and my boss was really pleased with my work.

How has your employer supported you?

Jack: I work for David Clark and he has supported me from the start. David is approachable and patient and he explains each job in a simple way. He motivates me through his own commitment to his work. I feel valued and he provides me with regular feedback which helps me to improve.

Sam: I work for Tim Sugden Groundworks Ltd, Tim helps me by using his own experience and sharing lots of useful tips.

How has your Training Officer worked with you?

Jack: My college Training Officer is great, she is incredibly detailed and a great teacher. She is extremely helpful and always answers my questions.

Sam: My Training Officer from Calderdale College is always in regular contact offering support and making sure I am keeping up to date and coping with the work.


What are your plans after you have completed your apprenticeship?

Jack: Once I have completed my apprenticeship, my boss has offered me a full time role as we get on well and have a great working partnership.

Sam: I’d like to finish my apprenticeship, qualify and then start working for myself and become self-employed.

Would you recommend Calderdale College to others?

Jack: I would recommend Calderdale College to anyone who is looking to do an apprenticeship, as they are extremely helpful and teach you to a high level. I also study Maths and English at college, and I could not ask for better teachers, they offer one-to-one support if you are struggling and are really helpful.

Sam: Yes, definitely! It’s my local college and has a really good support team.

Apprenticeships and Calderdale College

Calderdale College is a major work-based learning provider, delivering high-quality training programmes in partnership with local and national companies.

The only college in West Yorkshire rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted for apprenticeships, the college delivers a range of qualifications, from Intermediate (Level 2) to Higher (Level 5), covering 25 different sectors, including Business, Construction and Digital Marketing.

On an annual basis we train over 500 apprentices and work with over 3,000 local and national employers, ranging from micro-businesses to some of the region’s largest levy-paying companies. We also help them to recruit apprentices to their workforce, matching hundreds of school and college leavers to apprenticeship vacancies.