NAME: Ray Cutler | JOB TITLE: IT Helpdesk Supervisor

First steps in the IT industry…

I started my journey in the IT industry quite late, I was 29 years old.

I bought a computer and something went wrong, so I had to call the manufacturer’s IT helpdesk to have my PC fixed over the phone - it really interested me how fixing PCs remotely could be done between people!

Now this was back in the 90s, IT support has improved immensely since then and technologies in today’s IT world are more interactive.

My career so far…

Since then I worked for myself for 12 years, as well as working for some big market leaders like Fujitsu, NCR and Agilisys – I have over 20 years’ experience in the IT business now!

I still enjoy my job today and enjoy challenges of being able to fix a device that is not working correctly and it’s just great how the world is always evolving as newer technologies are developed.

The power of customer service...

One of my specialisms, I believe, is the customer service element of IT.

Being able to talk to people that may not be tech savvy by empathising with the user and the situation and to resolve it with not a lot of fuss. That itself, is so rewarding, especially if done well.

When a major issue occurs, that can be a demanding time, but if a team works together, the situation can normally be diffused speedily - working in an environment where you have a team spirit is a great advantage!


Advice for an aspiring IT technician…

LEARN FROM THE BEGINNING! Most school leavers have some knowledge of computers, mobile devices, tablets etc. But don’t run before you can walk. Learn thoroughly and learn well. See what interests you and work towards that goal.

I would encourage everyone with an IT interest to consider a career in the IT industry…

It’s an industry that isn’t ever going to stop. Everything in the world needs some element of IT. It’s a great business to get into, and can be very rewarding, both financially and personally - when done properly.