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Factory Lux

Sophie is the Operations Director at Factory Lux, a local apprenticeship employer. Although a local organisation from Mytholmroyd, Factory Lux manufacture lighting equipment for clients all the around world.

Here is a quick Q&A about apprenticeships with Rise.

How have you benefited as an organisation by employing an apprentice?

“So, I think employing apprentices is extremely rewarding and fantastic in lots and lots of ways we work in tech and manufacturing and it's an extremely fast-moving industry. For us we find that apprentices come here with no preconceptions and they're very willing most of the time to work with us to learn new ideas and progress with the organisation at the pace that we need.”

What support have we received from Calderdale College?

“Well, we've received lots of support from Calderdale College really both in terms of recruitment from Melissa Hart and of course from John Jones on the college side of things. We found that the support they offer is excellent, and it meant that there's been very little requirement from us, so I mean we could really concentrate on in job training”

Any plans regarding future apprenticeship recruitment?

“Yes, there is, our first apprentice has now finished his two-year college course and has moved into our R&D department which has opened up space for another apprentice. We are just about to start a new recruitment drive and actually, we're hoping to employ more than one apprentice if we can get some interested young people. We are really excited and we've got everything crossed”