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Mezzo Studios and Brawl Agency

Leeds-based Mezzo Studios Ltd – Brands Communications Agency – is upskilling their workforce through the support and services of Rise at Calderdale College.

The Office Manager Nicola Lawton speaks to us about the level 4 management training that they are currently undertaking, the Motivation and Engagement training they are booked onto and their overall experience with the Rise Team.

"We were established in 1987 and have evolved as the sector has changed over the years. Now we are a Brand Communications Agency for clients B2B, B2C, Commercials and individuals - we offer services including video, content strategy, content delivery and marketing services (including digital). We hold an enviable reputation and worked with several large names over the years including Asda and Superdrug.

"We became familiar with the Rise team at Calderdale College through an application to West Yorkshire Consortium of Colleges. We were interested in further development of our inhouse team and asked for recommendations relating to Business Management training/courses. This resulted in us being given several options, including working with Rise at Calderdale College, so we enquired further. 

"Once in communication with the Rise team we then became familiar with how they could help us and were keen to hear further what other options were available and would be more suitable for us. We made the decision quickly following the great advice, support and guidance that was given. We wanted to take advantage of not only the course content and value that it would bring, but receive the generous 40% funding towards the cost of the training.


"Our workforce is currently undertaking the Institute of Leadership and Management Training accredited course at level 4 (ILM4), this will have a great impact on the quality of service within management roles and gaining a respected qualification. In addition to the accredited training, we are also booked onto a Motivation and Engagement course. This will be very useful for staff under the current circumstances, we need to ensure that we are kept as motivated as possible within our roles maintaining good engagement and relationships which I am confident the course will assist with.

"We really found the extra support provided incredibly beneficial, such as having the opportunity to speak with a tutor prior to confirming the training to check it's suitability. This was very re-assuring and helpful as it reaffirmed that the course discussed and recommended initially with the Employer Engagement Advisor was accurate. Their guidance throughout the whole process has been exceptional.

"The training has brought more confidence to our staff within their role by upskilling knowledge further within Management areas, enhancing communication and efficiency within the team.

"Also, being able to carry out the course remotely has proven to be not only convenient, by not having to deal with a long journey each week, but enjoyable too. The content strikes the perfect balance between being highly informative as to what is required within roles as a manager and the importance of getting the process right, whilst being concise and easily digestible.

"Due to our experiences with the Rise team at Calderdale College and the support that we have received throughout, we will be using them as a first point of contact for our training - we are already planning to consider further training relating to Continuous Professional Development."