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Parkinson Spencer Refractories

The business undertook skills training for their staff to improve knowledge/experience within job role. The commercial director/company secretary Joanne spoke to Rise at Calderdale College to detail their experience with Rise and how it impacted their business!

We are a family-run business and since the 1800s we have been manufacturing ceramics and engineering equipment to supply within the international and national glass industry. We are based at Holmfield in Halifax, and have around 85-90 employees at the moment.

I first became aware of Rise when I searched the college website to see if they offered appropriate training courses. At the time we were specifically looking for some management training for our current supervisors to upskill their knowledge and gain some further experience for their roles. Luckily, Rise offered exactly what we were looking for in terms of the course content, and the delivery of the training was on-site which really benefitted our team! We therefore arranged for six of our supervisors to take part in the management training course.

Our supervisors really enjoyed the course straight away and felt extremely engaged with the course facilitator and the content being delivered. The participants particularly enjoyed the tutors’ advice to “eat the frog first!” and found it to be a funny yet helpful tip. One of our staff members had previously completed a similar management course through another provider, but said the training with Rise stood out among the rest.


Our supervisors loved every moment of the course and found the time-keeping module specifically very useful to their everyday roles. They also found that the course generally upskilled them on an individual basis and helped them to better engage with their teams.

The course facilitators at Rise made us aware that they can tailor courses to suit our business needs, so it is very likely that we will be returning to Rise for further training going forwards!