Adobe Photoshop

Duration: 1 Day
Attendance: 1 Day

Course Overview

Adobe Photoshop is industry standard photo editing and graphic design software widely used by professionals for image editing, graphic design, photographic retouching, web development, multimedia, post-production, animation and more.  Packed with image-enhancing tools and commands, Photoshop helps you create visually stunning images and artwork.

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The following areas will be covered under this course; however, the content can be tailored to meet specific needs of the business.

The course is suitable for participants who want to learn how to edit images & design promotional materials inhouse to endorse their brand, create visually eye-catching content for print and web. This is an introductory taster session offering an overview of the software and its capabilities.  Once you have a solid understanding of Photoshop, this will also put you in a great position to learn and use other Adobe programs.

Aimed at

This course is aimed at beginners seeking to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop. No prior experience is required

The course covers

Find your way around the interface

To make the best use of its extensive editing capabilities, you must first learn to navigate the work area and how to adapt it to your own workflow. Open and view multiple files and navigate by magnification and panning.

  • Open an image file.
  • Set up a new document and explore existing presets.
  • Become familiar with where to find Photoshop’s Tools and panels for editing.
  • Use navigation tools to view different details, magnify artwork and view a canvas at a suitable size on-screen

Make basic, every-day edits to a photo

Learn how to open a supplied image and make non-destructive edits.

  • Introduction to Layers
  • Removing image background using the Magic Wand tool
  • Edit the brightness, contrast, and colour intensity of a photo in one simple step
  • Convert an image to black and white
  • Isolate the subject in colour and convert the remaining image to black and white
  • Sample colour from a photo
  • Use the Spot Healing Brush tool to remove unwanted content and blemishes
  • Work with Type and Text layers

Beyond the basics

  • Clipping masks – learn how to place an image inside text
  • Use Filters to add artistic effects to your artwork such as watercolour and pencil sketches
  • Remove unwanted content in an image using Content Aware Fill
  • Use the Clone Stamp to duplicate part of an image
  • Extend an image without distorting or stretching important details
  • Alter specific colours in a photo
  • Introduction to Layer Masks to seamlessly blend images


Exporting for different formats such as web/social/print.

  • Save as a PSD (Photoshops native file format)
  • Save to an appropriate file format for print

Export to JPG and PNG for screen and web

Start Date

TBC on engagement (can be tailored to meet employer needs)

Course Fees

TBC on engagement –  If you are interested to hear more about the course, or about other ways that Rise can support your business, please email [email protected] for further information.

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