Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (L3)

This qualification is aimed at support workers and teaching assistants in schools who directly support teachers in the teaching and learning of pupils. 

1 Year
One afternoon or one evening per week
Theory & Practical

Entry Requirements: Level 2 literacy and numeracy and a placement

Course Info

The Level 3 Certificate aims to allow learners to understand the role and responsibilities of those involved in supporting teaching and learning in schools. This will help to build the knowledge of  development of children and young people.

The course requires you to either; volunteer  or work in a school setting, supporting the learning of children and young people.


A wide range of learning and teaching strategies are used including group activities and discussions, presentations.  

The units are assessed by a mixture of assignments and practical demonstration of skills in your setting.

Entry Requirements & Interview Process

You are required to be aged 16 or above and have a voluntary placement in a school or college setting 1 day a week.

You will need to have the equivalent of Level 2 literacy and numeracy skills to support children and young people in schools.  

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