Don’t miss out: Invest in leadership and management skills for free

Effective leadership and management skills are skills that many business owners know are vital for success, but it’s sometimes hard to take the time to implement them.

This is why, despite their importance, around 77% of organisations have reported that they’re experiencing a gap in critical leadership skills. It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to addressing this gap, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you’re an SME employer in Tees Valley you are eligible to take part in free, high-quality flexible training through the Skills Support for the Workforce (SSW) Programme.

Designed to support your business in its growth, the courses are suited to all employees, no matter where they are in their leadership journeys. But what are the benefits of leadership and management training, and why should you introduce it into your business?

  1. Better team communication – Not only will your leaders be better at motivating a team, the high-quality training will also teach them active listening skills, to help them acknowledge the needs of their staff.
  1. Increased morale – As a result, staff will feel more engaged and know that their concerns are being addressed, helping them to feel happier and more satisfied at work.
  1. Higher productivity – Research has found that strong leadership has a direct effect on productivity, increasing it by up to 200% in some cases!
  1. Giving everyone room to grow – Not only will those taking the training be able to develop their skills and progress, but as they come to take on further leadership roles, they are also providing space for more junior members of the team to increase their responsibility and grow in their careers – creating a workplace where everyone feels supported.
  1. Strengthening skills outside of work – As well as helping your staff to boost their skills within the workplace, engaging in leadership and management training can also create well-rounded people outside of the office through teaching important transferrable skills such as confidence, resilience and building trust.
  1. Future proofing your business – With a highly motivated, productive team who feel empowered in working together, your business will not only benefit from a reputation boost, but will also be in a much better position to contend with any future challenges.

With all of these benefits waiting for you, why not get in touch with us to see how the Skills Support for the Workforce Programme can help you reach your business goals. Eligible businesses only have until March 2023 to take advantage, so don’t miss out! Contact us today at via [email protected]

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