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Get early access to the brightest talent entering your market with our 45-day T Level industry placement!

Shape your workforce
with T LEVELS!

T Levels prepare young people for employment by concentrating on the skills that are in high demand – making our students a real asset to your business!

T Levels are the newest post-GCSE qualification which have been designed by the Government, in collaboration with leading employers, to ensure students receive the skills and knowledge that businesses are looking for.

As part of the course every T Level student is required to complete a 45-day industry placement – and this is where your business comes in!

T Levels industry placements are a unique opportunity for you to get early access to the new talent entering your sector. There are a number of other benefits these work placements can bring to your business…


  • £1k cash incentive for each student you host on an industry placement
  • Increased productivity within your organisation
  • The opportunity for your current staff to improve their coaching and mentoring skills
  • Development of a future talent pipeline for your business
  • The opportunity for motivated young people to come into your workplace and bring new and imaginative ideas for your business
  • An early glimpse of the new talent coming into your industry


As T Levels roll out, employers across England are partnering with local colleges to offer industry placements to their talented students. Want to get involved? We are still looking for more partners to come on board.

Get in touch with our Employer Engagement Team who will support you at every stage of the industry placement, to make this process as smooth as possible, so that you can focus on getting the most out of your placement student.

T: 01422 418 430      E:

JOIN NOW! Our T Level students are looking for industry placements in the following areas:





T Levels Employer Incentive Scheme

Claim a £1,000 payment for every student you host on a high-quality industry placement! This incentive is open to businesses of all sizes and is available for any student that commences their work placement between 27 May 2021 and 31 July 2022.

For more information, click below or email