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10 Responsibilities as
an Employer
Read below for ten responsibilities you have to an apprentice as an employer.


Provide a genuine job with a contract of employment that covers the terms of an apprenticeship.


Put the apprentice on the correct wage for their age, for the time they are in work and in off-the-job training in line with the law.


Help apprentices gain the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to achieve the apprenticeship.


Work with a training provider to support their learning and development.


Have an apprenticeship agreement in place with your apprentice for the duration of the apprenticeship.


Give appropriate on-the-job work experience and training.


Have a contract of services with providers, if you pay the Apprenticeship Levy and use the apprenticeship service.


Have an apprenticeship in place for at least one year.


Take part in regular reviews of your apprentice’s progress and support with target setting.


Ensure adequate competent supervision.

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Apprenticeships are a way for individuals to gain valuable skills and knowledge within a job role whilst earning a salary.

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