Go Higher West Yorkshire's Weekly Challenge

Announcing… The Go Higher Weekly Challenge! For the next 7 weeks there will be a Go Higher challenge for you to complete.

The University Centre at Calderdale College is a partner in Go Higher West Yorkshire (GHWY), which aims to prepare people for further learning.

From Monday 27th April, GHWY are running a weekly challenge.  Each week for 7 weeks there will be a challenge set, with each challenge’s winner receiving a £10 Amazon Voucher.

Entry is open to current Level 2 and 3 students at Calderdale College.

Each challenge is linked to Higher Education and will spotlight a local University and College. The University Centre at Calderdale College will be featured on week 5.

This week’s entries can be emailed to kirsty.sanderson@calderdale.ac.uk by Friday 22nd May. The winner will be announced on Tuesday 26th May (Monday is a Bank Holiday!), along with the next challenge.


Challenge 3 - A Big Question!

Have a look at the University of Oxford resource – oxplore.org – the home of big questions.

Work through a couple of the big question sections – do the quiz, have a look at the You Tube links, etc. See the style of the resources?

Your challenge is to create your own “Big Question” package - e.g. Are humans more important than animals? / Is public health more important than private freedom?

You can make a PowerPoint with links, a collection of images, a quiz – it's up to you!

Email your work to Kirsty Sanderson by Friday 22nd May to win a £10 voucher. Good luck!


Email your entry by Friday 22nd May to kirsty.sanderson@calderdale.ac.uk