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Calderdale College Sport Camp Terms and Conditions

I understand and acknowledge that a participant may incur personal or bodily harm while participating in sports-related activities, including but not limited to activities described as running, jumping, physical contact, etc. By signing this agreement, I assume all risks inherent in these activities and accept full responsibility for any and all damages or injuries of any kind; but I am also aware that reasonable care and supervision will be exercised by the adult supervision to provide for the general well-being of my child.

I further acknowledge placing my trust in my child to adhere to proper standards of conduct and to follow the rules set forth by the adult supervision in charge of the activity.

I understand and assume the risks described above and those inherent with such activities, and I individually, on behalf of my child, do hereby release and discharge and covenant not to sue Calderdale College, its officers, directors, employees, agents and/or volunteers for this activity and agree to hold them harmless from any and all claims whatsoever arising from the conduct of any person(s) which results in the injury or loss to my child or myself.

I accept responsibility of notifying the staff of any pre-existing conditions affecting my child. I further understand and acknowledge that the College will not allow my child to participate in such activities without my acceptance of and signature on this agreement.

All participants’ parent/guardian must read and complete this Liability Disclaimer for their child to be eligible to participate in sporting activities.

Registration and Refunds

Registration and payment for Calderdale College Sport Camp must be completed and submitted to the Reception of the Inspire Centre. Full payment is required prior to the first day of camp. There will be no proration of any fees for any child participant that cannot attend once the camp has commenced.

To receive any discounts offered (Sibling, Full Week, or 15% of mulitple days) payment must be made in advance of the first day of attendance and in full.

Change your booking

We will change a booking like for like at any point (subject to availability) prior to the camp commencing.

Late Pick-Up Policy

In the event of a child/ren not being collected on time the following process will be followed:

A late fee will be charged per child if they are not collected within their booked hours or prior to the service closing. The late fees are £5 for lateness of between 15-30 minutes and thereafter £1.00 per minute.

Calderdale College reserves the right to charge for lateness between 0-15 minutes if this is a reoccurring event and notice is not received. The late fee covers the cost of staff overtime to remain with the child. Parents/legal guardians are required to advise Calderdale College if they will be late collecting their child. This prevents both the staff and child from worrying.

Parents/legal guardians will be advised of the policy when picking the child up on the first late occasion. The second late incident will incur a fine and the parent/legal guardian will be advised of this on collection of the child. The third late incident will incur a fine and a warning of immediate termination after the next occasion and the parent/legal guardian will be advised of this on collection of the child. Care for the child will be terminated immediately on the fourth late pick up.

Age Guidelines

Calderdale College Sport Camp is for children aged 5 to 12 years and no exceptions will be made.

Hours of Operation

Calderdale College Sport Camp hours are Monday- Friday 9am-4pm. Please do not drop off your child prior to the start of the camp, as there will be no supervision in place.

Pick-up and drop-off procedures:

Children need to arrive between 9:00-9:30am and must be picked between 3:30-4pm.

Children aged 10 or under must be signed in by a parent or guardian on arrival and on departure.

Children aged 11 and 12 may be permitted to leave alone subject to the express consent of a parent/guardian.

First Aid

In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered in accordance with the permissions you have agreed within the registration process to children in our care, and the emergency services will be called if necessary. All Calderdale College First Aid policies are written in accordance with Ofsted recommendations.

Health, Sickness and Medication

Any medical conditions must be fully disclosed at 1) time of registration and 2) drop off and sign in on site to the site manager. Essential prescribed medication must be handed in to each child’s Site Manager for safe keeping and a medication consent form must be completed and seen by the Site manager.

Calderdale College requires all children who are ill or infectious to be kept at home for the full duration of their ailment, and for 48 hours after the last symptom occurs.