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Top tips for growing your business in 2021

More than 80% of employers in Calderdale are missing out on skills support and funding. Despite this, businesses across the district have expressed a need for help in these areas.

Read on for our top tips on how you can grow your business resilience and help your company flourish in 2021:

Be Flexible

Flexibility is key to business success in 2021. Much like 2020, throughout the year ahead businesses will be challenged with an uncertain economic climate, changing policies and supply chain hurdles. By being flexible to these changes, your business can build its resilience.

Our top three tips to make your business more flexible are:

  1. Consider the challenges your customers are facing and tailor your communications to show how your product/service meet their needs
  2. Look at alternative revenue streams, be it making services digital or adapting products to be better suited in a new market place
  3. Ensure your team is trained to meet customer’s changing needs and adapt accordingly

Access support available to you

Businesses across the local area can benefit from a wealth of support across the business community. From free training and funding advice, to access to skills and talent development, the region is alive with amazing opportunities.

Our top three tips for accessing support are:

  1. Do your research and explore local programmes and initiatives set in place to support businesses
  2. Talk to experts about the opportunities available to you. At Rise we help businesses to connect with a range of different organisations to help support business growth and build a more resilient future for Calderdale’s business network
  3. Explore funding opportunities with experts at Rise to discover how you can make beneficial investments into your company

Upskill your team

An organisation’s team is its greatest asset, so when looking to grow a business, it’s vital that employers focus on their team’s capabilities first and foremost. By investing in team development businesses can increase productivity and client satisfaction, all whilst helping their business to thrive.

Our top three tips for upskilling your team are:

  1. Identify skills gaps in your company and prioritise upskilling existing team members
  2. Explore opportunities to enhance your own skill set as an employer. At Rise we offer a range of leadership and HR courses that help to support greater business development
  3. Arrange a skills audit with Rise to identify the real needs of your business and implement a strategic plan for the future

Get in touch

If you’d like to discuss business support with Rise, contact our experts by calling 01422 418 430 or emailing today.