Join Team Calderdale in travelling around the world in 30 days!

The Association of Colleges has launched a virtual activity challenge for staff and students in colleges to take part in. It’s simple to join in! All you have to do is log your cycling, running or walking on the Strava app and attribute it to the Calderdale College team. The collective miles achieved will contribute to the overall target for all colleges to reach 46,975 miles!

There will be a leader board for all colleges taking part so we can track how many miles we have contributed to the overall target. The challenge will start on Monday 16 November and finish on Tuesday 15 December – you can contribute your miles at any stage.

How to get involved?

You will need to download the Strava app and join our Calderdale College Strava clubs to take part in the challenge. When you complete an activity on the app, the distance will contribute to the overall College total which will be used towards the national total.

Please download the Strava app on your smartphone and then click the following links to join our team and help us climb the leader board against other colleges.

Running Club

Please note that walking will need to be recorded as a run on Strava for it to count towards the total mileage. To do this please select the ‘Run’ setting on the app when walking or running.

Cycling Club

Please note that cycling will need to be recorded using the ‘Ride’ setting on the app.

Further questions?

For more information or if you have any questions please email [email protected]

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