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Tip 1: Brainstorming

A great activity to get you started is Brainstorming.  This helps you to explore the subject area you have to write about and can help to show you what you already know and identify areas and gaps in your knowledge.

Brainstorming therefore helps you to figure out what you need to go on to research.

Here’s how to Brainstorm:

  1. Take a blank piece of paper and pen
  2. Write down your essay question
  3. Set yourself a 15 minute time limit
  4. Write down as many points as you can about the subject area

When your time is up, you can tidy up your brainstorming and make a second version. There are also lots of free mind mapping apps available online.

Example of a mind map for an essay:

brainstorm example

You are now ready to start doing your research and planning your essay!