Where can Criminology, Psychology and Law qualifications take you?

You asked and we listened! We are now offering Criminology, Applied Law and Applied Psychology qualifications for students aged 16+.

From next September, we will be offering a study programme for 16-18-year-old students where they can study Criminology, Applied Law and Applied Psychology for two years and receive qualifications in all three areas, equivalent to three A Levels.

And, for students aged 19+, an Access to Higher Education diploma in Criminology or Psychology will be available through our University Centre which will support adult students looking to go to university that do not currently have the UCAS points.

So, if you’re dreaming of a career in Criminology, Psychology or Law, you’re in luck! Here are just some examples of roles you could go into in these industries:

Crime Scene Investigator

Crime Scene Investigators gather forensic evidence from crime scenes, post-mortems or other incidents such as fires, to help identify and prosecute criminals.

This role is responsible for processing and categorising evidence so it can be used in criminal investigations. This could include gathering photographic or psychical evidence and samples from the scene, such as weapons, fingerprints, clothing or biological evidence.

The salary range for this role is £20,000 – £37,000.

Criminology, Psychology and Law

Community Development Worker

Community Development Workers help communities bring about social change and improve the quality of life in their local area.

This role often acts as a link between communities and a range of local authorities, such as the police, social workers and teachers. It frequently involves tackling inequality as the projects it involves will often be in communities perceived to be culturally, economically or geographically disadvantaged.

The salary range for this role is £19,000 – £36,000.


Detectives are qualified police officers who work as Serious and Complex Crime Investigators or Specialist Investigators. They’re responsible for managing a range of investigations including those regarding robbery, drugs, child protection, company fraud, cybercrime, homicide and counter-terrorism.

A common misconception is that the term detective is policing rank however it is actually a descriptive title that reflects a person’s role and skills, knowledge, training and experience.

The salary for this role is £28,000 – £45,000.

Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Lawyers are responsible for either prosecuting or defending someone accused of a criminal offence.

They are required to stay impartial and act in a neutral manner to ensure that those prosecuted are still within their legal right and that they receive fair treatment against the conduct of the law.

The salary range for this role is £28,000 – £100,000.

Probation Officer

Probation Officers manage lawbreakers to protect the public, and reduce reoffences by helping them make better life choice by assisting them into employment opportunities, housing and other areas.

Probation Officers, work within courts, communities and in custody to make places safer. This involves interacting with offenders, victims, police and prison service colleagues on a regular basis.

The salary range for this role is £22,000 – £40,000.

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