Digital Skills, Media & Computing

Are you technically or creatively minded and like working with technology? Discover our wide range of courses that will give you the qualifications to succeed. Our Mac suite and other brand new technical equipment such as motion capture and VR headsets allow you to keep up with the latest skills and technology. The courses are delivered through a Project Based Learning (PBL) approach, which reflects how job roles are conducted in industry, and fully utilises employer, social enterprise and charity contacts to provide students with a stimulating and motivating learning experiences that build employability skills alongside achieving their qualification.

Why Study Digital Skills, Media & Computing?

  • The growth of IT is massive, rapid and set to continue, so it’s a brilliant career if you’re looking for great earnings, long-term security and plenty of choice.
  • From mastering the basics of system support right through to game programming, we offer IT courses in many specialisms and skill levels.
  • You will have the chance to use state of the art facilities and learn modules that suit a wide range of interests including social media, games design and data analysis.